Software Engineer, PhotoShelter

2014 - Present

PhotoShelter is a leading provider of services for professional photographers including cloud storage, portfolio websites, and photo sales. PhotoShelter is also the creator of Libris, a top-rated B2B SaaS solution for digital asset management. PhotoShelter powers tens of thousands of user websites and stores over half a billion objects in our privately operated cloud, with 100% data fidelity and better uptime than Amazon. Talented coworkers and talented clients make this a neat place to work!

As a full stack engineer I'm responsible for designing and implementing a range of projects, from user-facing features to behind the scenes services and optimizations. I've given internal presentations on accessible markup and RESTful API design, and drafted RFCs for APIs, webhooks, bulk metadata import, and automated SSL cert generation. Most importantly though, I helped found our homebrew beer club.

Here are some things I've worked on recently!

  • designed, developed, and deployed a microservice for bulk automated generation and renewal of SSL certs which currently handles about 10,000 domains
  • migrated the marketing site, authenticated member areas, and all member tools to be 100% HTTPS
  • modified the subscription/billing platform to support better signup and trial experiences
  • upgraded the custom framework used for member websites from hash-based routing to the History API
  • added API support for generic asset hosting, two factor authentication, FTP administration, and more
  • rolled out comprehensive logging to track key usage metrics across every version of the public APIs
  • added CSRF mitigation to the most sensitive forms
  • integrations with Google Analytics, ZenDesk, Instagram, and SendGrid

Client Services Associate, PhotoShelter

2012 - 2013

Provided support via phone and email to our entire client base; worked with helpdesk software to analyze and troubleshoot issues; hosted interactive training webinars; and translated user feedback into feature requests.

QA Engineer, Speedy Spots Inc.

2005 - 2012

As part of the quality control team my responsibilities included reviewing, editing, and mixing dozens of broadcast-ready audio productions. I also served as an in-house product owner for the launch of our externally developed web app, an order processing system tailored to the needs of real-time audio production.

Milestone: Launch of the web based ordering and processing app "Spot Management System", late 2011. The external devs reported that the efficiency of my communication during the preceding year saved tens of thousands of dollars in developmental costs. 100% of orders are now processed, tracked, and delivered online using this system.


Student, Eastern Michigan University

2004 - 2008

  • Major: Electronic Media
  • Major: Political Science

Go green: I designed and maintained the website for EMU's student radio station, Eagle Radio. Also served as President of the Eagle Radio student organization, and an on-air DJ.


Communications, The Family Dinner Project


Helped prepare newsletters for a non-profit geared towards families while they were in between contracts with long-term vendors.

Webmaster, Black Diaries

2015 - 2017

Built and maintained the website for a small non-profit that empowers people of color to share their stories. More details here.

Volunteer, Community Action Network

2010 - 2011

Provided extra help for special events relating to the Bryant Community Center, including DJ services and event poster graphic design. Also helped with computer maintenance in the center's lab.

Quick Facts

Proficiency in PHP, OOP, SQL (PostgreSQL, MySQL), JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Smarty, jQuery, Git, Jira, Scrum.

Experience with XSS/CSRF prevention, SSL/TLS best practices, Two Factor Authentication, OAuth, Redis, Lumen (Laravel), Logstash/Kibana, Docker, Composer, Python, Jekyll, Bash, Apache, Wordpress, agile and lean methodologies.

General knowledge of PHP-FIG PSRs 1-4, copyrights and trademarks, and proper use of licensed material.

I can ride a motorcycle and moonwalk, though not at the same time.